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Young Goodman Brown

"Young Goodman Brown" is a story of a young Puritan named “Goodman Brown” who basically takes a walk into the woods with the devil, why I do not know. Brown becomes a depressed man when he sees his fellow townspeople, including religious leaders and his wife, are attending a gathering where the devil him self was there for an evil gathering . To think that a book published back in the day would grip my attention and create feelings in me that many novels and short stories cant is amazing.

First at the beginning of the story you can since that something big will be happing because Goodman Brown is leaving his wife Faith because of an errand/something he has to do in the middle of the night. That automatically made me wonder “will he die tonight and never return to his wife, or will he get kidnapped” I had to finish the book to see what would happen. When his wife asks him to stay and leave another night it makes me feel bad for here because she might never see her husband again. when he walks in to the woods I start feeling anxious because someone or something can jump out of the bushes and kill him. But instead the devil comes out witch to me I would not of expected at first we do not know so an it made me wonder why an old man would be outside alone at night going for a walk in the woods. While they are walking in the woods Goodman Brown and the “old man” talk and while they are talking I start to realize that the reason they are walking is