Young Goodman Brown Essay

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Terry Thompson
Professor Kelly
March 1, 2015

Young Goodman Brown
The story of “Young Goodman Brown” is a prime example of allegory .In that nothing is ever as it seems. Young Goodman Brown seems to be wrestling with his demons through the story only to find it was just a dream. Young Mr. Brown though pious by nature doubted his “faith’. He like so many others at that age past, present and future question their beliefs. Mr. Hawthorne (Hathorne) uses his experience with the Puritan times and metaphors to illustrate the theme of hypocrisy, loss of innocence or the battle of good and evil .This young man fights with “fear” throughout the story. The question posed to us in class was “Does it really matter whether or not the witch gathering really happened”. The answer would be No. In the text Young Mr. Brown defines himself by those he is surrounded by-his young bride “Faith” with the pink hair ribbons, his family and community. He does not define his faith as something stronger, brighter and deeper it is superficial. In the story Faith with her pink ribbons represents innocence and youth. Faith in reality is not so innocent she is playful and somewhat flirty to her young groom. She too worries of falling from “grace”. When Hawthorne talks about the forest he describes it as a dark and dreary place where wild and evil things lurk behind the tree. He infers that the older gentleman (the devil) tempts him into using that staff and joining on his journey much like the serpent persuaded Eve in the garden. It’s only when Goodman