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Black Panthers

One of the most dynamic political figures of the 1960’s Huey Percy Newton personified the revolutionary black power movement. As a founder and leader of the black panther party he gave voice to the hopes and frustration of a new African American unwilling to compromise in their quest for freedom and justice.

Freedom Bureau

Federal agency set up near the end of the civil war to help the four million newly freed African American slaves making the move from bondage to freedom. The full title of the agency was the bureau of refugees, freed African American men and abandoned lands. One of the most idealistic and far reaching programs ever attempted by the federal government the bureau was established in march 1865 under the administration of general howard who controlled the whole establishment.

Jim crow Laws

From the end of the civil war until the mid 1950’s Jim crow Laws the system that drew racial segregation in the south. They separated blacks and whites in all public aspects life. From drinking fountains to schools. Here African Americans men march and protest in the 1940’s with a casket symbolizing the amensment and termination of Jim Crow Laws.

Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was born in the year 1908 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was a civil rights lawyer, associate justice of the supreme court. He was a longtime lawyer for the national association for the advanced of colored people, and later was a justice of the united states supreme court. Thurgood Marshall was interested in destroying legalized racial segregation in the united states. The events that were occurring shook him so he wanted to take a stand and help the best he could which is what he achieved in doing for the African Americans.

Civil Rights Act (1964)

The civil right act started July 2, 1964. This was the biggest event ever because it prohibited discrimination in all public places including hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and theaters. This act also prohibited from refusing to hire, from firing, or from discriminating against any individual because of race religion or sex. This established the equal employment opportunity commission and to enforce these provisions. This was the biggest change for the world to get by on. They created this so the blacks and whites have equal rights.

Freedom Rides

The freedom rides involved black and white activist riding the buses together in the southern states in order to protest segregation on the interstate buses and bus terminals. They wanted send a strong message. They were attacked by white mobs who beat them using chains and baseball bats. The freedom rides were important because they were part of the mounting pressure that