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Fire Fighters of the United States
By: Aaron Nelson

Have you ever wondered what a fire fighter actually has to go through? Well if you didn’t I’d say do so, because if you want to be a fire fighter you have to do good in school and go to college with good grades. Anything else you want to know about there job or education go check out a website on the computer.

Well since I got a little interdiction for you I’m going to tell you a little bit about there job description. If you’re a fire fighter and your on the clock/ on duty you will need to respond to a fire immediately. When your on duty its not just fires you respond to, its also for other medical emergency’s. on the firefighters spare time they pretty much clean and maintain all of there equipment. One last thing is if your responsible enough firefighter you could get a promotion and become fire investigators.

When you are in training to be a firefighter you will have to learn about axes, chainsaws, fire extinguishers, ladders, and a lot of other stuff. Some firefighters attend training sessions sponsored by the u.s. national fire academy. Opportunities for promotion depend upon the results of written examinations. So when I go to college to be a firefighter its not going to be like high school. When I’m in college I’m going to actually pay attention and do all my work so I have a good chance of becoming a firefighter.

Applicants for municipal firefighter jobs generally must pass a written exam. A number of fire departments have accredited apprenticeship programs lasting up to 4 years. Firefighters have to pass a written and physical tests. Too be a firefighter you need to be 18 and have a valid drivers license.

Prospective firefighters are expected to face keen competition for available job openings. Employment of firefighters is expected to grow 9 percent. Jobs will be created as volunteer firefighters are converted to paid positions. A department often receives hundreds or thousands of