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The article “attention shoppers; your dreams in isle 3” is written by Sharon Zukin. Zukin quoted Walter Palmer Benjamin, “shopping is one of the few ways we have left to create a sense of unlimited value”. The article describes America as the motherland of shopping as they adapt to the market quickly and grew a lot more compared to other countries. “committing suicide” is the word zukin used to express her idea of men shopping with girls. The article then describes the use of technology as another factor due to an improvement of technology over the years shopping becomes much easier and more efficient as they buttons away on buying goods online.
Zukin states that people has problems in all types of way. Shopping what seems to be the easies thing to do turns out to be one of the most difficult things to do from basic problems such as price, size and many more even shopping with the opposite sex could be an issue. So is it true that shopping is that complicated? According to zukin “finding what (they) want, too expensive, or it doesn’t fit” are the basic (normal) problems faced by everyone during shopping. Problems like this will not happen occasionally but frequently. Everyone had basically experience these basic problems faced during shopping including I myself, to be an Asian living in America with no one other than my sister as a college student while my parents are working back home in (Indonesia) is not an easy thing to do. Every time I go shopping a lot of things goes through my mind from the price, size and many more. As an Asian we have a smaller body size compared to the Americans so finding the right fit for us in America will be the greatest issue. Last winter I went shopping at valley fare and there I came a crossed a store called fitters, they sell these cool grafity American brand t-shirt such as diamond supply, billionare boys club and many more, so choosing a few of them is not an issue but as soon as I try them on, I finally realized the real issue is the size, so I went looking for other brands at others stores and there I experienced the same issue that the shoulders and the arm size are way off although the stomach fits perfectly so these are frustrating but Sometimes just walking around could be the best medicine to relief stress. Shopping with girls are “committing suicide” according to zukin. She also stated that teenagers like going round and round looking for the “Cutest” style. Shopping with the opposite sex could be a