Your Friends Always Lie Essay

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Claire Fontenot March, 29, 20013 7th period: Chemistry
The Chemistry Of Death In Simon Beckett’s book, “The Chemistry of Death”, David Hunter, the main character in the novel, is a forensic scientist who is first seen fleeing from London, England. Due to a recent catastrophe involving the death of his wife and daughter, he soon takes up a job as a general practitioner in the small town of Manham, Norfolk. However, much to his surprise, Dr. Henry Maitland; his employer, has been confined to a wheel chair due to a car accident resulting in his disability and the death of his wife, Diana. Although David has all the necessary training and qualifications to be a general practitioner, he becomes somewhat surprised when Dr. Henry Maitland owner of the practice clinic seems uninterested in undergoing the normal interviewing process and instead decides to hires David on the spot. Three years have passed and recently a body has been discovered by Sam and Neil Yates. The body’s identity is unknown due to the fact that it is mutilated beyond recognition. Many people, however, have given suggestions that it is the body of Sally Palmer. To confirm the suspicions going around, David drives to Sally Palmer’s house where he finds deserted and Bes, Sally’s golden retriever, is found dead. David then reports his finds on Sally Palmer to Commissioner Mackenzie who then interrogated David and Commissioner Mackenzie discovers David has some knowledge on the study of decomposition and police interrogation processes revealing to Mackenzie that David is actually a well known forensic scientist who had helped out with many cases back in London.. Mackenzie asks David to help with the case At first, David is adamant about not getting involved in the situation, but in the end, decides to help out. News strikes when, Lyn Metcalf is soon abducted and the town goes into a fit of panic. The blames goes to David because of his suspicious activities involving the police which is actually him helping them figure out the time of death of Sally Palmer. The situation gets worse and the murderer is seen to have a pattern of holding his prisoners for three days then stripping them naked and leaving them somewhere uncovered in the open. The police and David try to figure out the mystery. Unfortunately, Lyn was not found out in time and the murderer left baby rabbits in her cut-open abdomen. When Jenny, David’s friend, soon becomes missing in action the situation becomes more critical and dangerous. Not only does the murderer have her in his clutches but she is also a diabetic and if she does not have her insulin shot she will go into a comma. Many leads have been made,