Your God Essence Part 1 Essay

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Your God Essence (Part 1)
During the month of February 2013, I have decided to blog about my insights regarding our spiritual nature or what I call our God Essence. This is the first of four blogs on this subject for the entire month February 2013.
Philosophically, our God essence is the attribute or set of attributes that makes you who you are. Your God essence is your true-identity, and if you are unaware of your God essence, you do not know who you are or your true-identity.
In his letters to the congregations in Ephesus—a major trading city on the
West coast of Asia Minor in ancient Greece—Paul wrote, “God is Father of all,
God is above all, God is through all, and God in us all” (Ephesians 4:6).
I doubt if this particular passage from Paulʼs letter will prove conclusive in all respects, but perhaps it might demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that
God is neither Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, nor is God the property of organized religion. According to Paulʼs statement, God is the essence of all that is living on this planet. Most importantly, God is the spiritual essence of you and me and all humanity. Instead of using the phrase spiritual essence, I prefer God essence. Your God essence is the purest form of who you are; it is your real and true spiritual identity.
In Genesis chapter 3 and verse 22 of the Bible, God said that mankind “…has become like one of us, capable of knowing everything, ranging from good to evil” (The Message (MSG) translation. In this passage,
God said that man has become like “ONE of us.” Put another way, you and I have become like a god—note the letter “a” and the small letter g on god. Man has become like “a” “god.”
The more you become aware of your God essence, the more you realize that your intrinsic nature is God-like. You are like a god. You…