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The Healing Place
Address: 722 5th Ave West Hendersonville, NC 28739
Phone number: (828) 692-0495
Crisis line for Henderson County: (828) 692-3931
All other counties: 1-800-656-4673
Director: Angie Alley

The Healing Place is a place that offers free counseling to anyone that has been a victim of sexual trauma including, rape, violence, or abuse. They cover all ages from children to adults. They also offer counseling in Spanish for those who can’t speak English. The Healing Place offers advocacy and companionship during visits to law enforcement agencies, legal procedures, and court proceedings. They have a wide variety of resources that allow them to help their clients.

Community Crisis Center
Location: 130 N Richard Pryor Place Peoria, IL 61605
Emergency Response Services: 309-671-8084
Medical Detox: 309-689-3080

Services offered at the crisis center
ERS team—a team of trained responders that will come to the aid of a person in crisis and talk to them and decide if they need to go to the hospital or if they just need a few days at the Living Room in the crisis center for a rest and possible medication change.
Living Room—this is an area in the crisis center that offers an up to three day stay for those in crisis. They have couches for everyone to sleep on during your stay. They offer you a shower, hot meals and are a peer center so that the people you talk to have been in a crisis before themselves and now help others in crisis. There is a counselor, social worker and a psychiatrist on the site to come to your aid as well.
Medical Detox—do you need help with a drug or alcohol problem? The medical detox area will take you in and help you get through the detox before you are moved to a rehabilitation center. You will be talking to a counselor, social worker and a psychiatrist while in the medical detox.
These services are available to anyone in a crisis. If the center cannot help you, they will find a place to help you. No one is turned away from the center without them finding you the place you need to be to get you the right kind of help. You can walk in or call for the ERS team if you need someone to talk to right away. The operators are trained to take your call and get you to the right person that you need to talk to during your crisis.

Behavioral Health
Location: Community Hospital North Behavioral Health Pavilion 7165 Clearvista Way Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone: 317-621-5100 (lobby)
Phone: 317-621-5719 (first-time appointment)
Emergency Phone: 317-621-5700 or 800-662-3445 (24-hour crisis)

There are many different services that are provided at the Behavioral Health Pavilion. Community's 24-hour crisis line provides immediate evaluations by phone and/or face-to-face for psychiatric emergencies. Here at the pavilion they will triage and do assessments on the patient and conduct crisis stabilization. The pavilion will also do same-day evaluations for at-risk individuals who need further assistants. They will give you referrals to community resources as well. They serve all children, pre-adolescents, adolescents, adult and senior adult mental health patients, and those with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental health). Our psychiatrist leads a team of trained and licensed staff to coordinate a treatment plan for patients that provides individual, group and family therapy. The treatment state is a multidisciplinary team under the direction of psychiatrists which includes registered nurses, advanced practice nurses, mental health clinicians, social workers, activity therapists, chaplains and pharmacists. The pavilion has specialized units for the mood disorders