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The role of the teacher

Mrs. Swanson was my favorite teacher. She was always approachable & helpful with any problems I had in class, such as if I was struggling with math she would show me algorithms to improve my comprehension of said topic. While not actually showing me the answers but instead challenging me to use my mind and figure the question out on my own merit.

Mrs. Swanson had compassion along with passion and drive with determination. I remember thinking so highly of her that throughout the years after I always strived to become the teacher along with the human being that she always was.

Ms. Kludge was my worst teacher. I’ve never had any issues with teachers before her. She was distant, difficult to communicate with and she showed zero interest in our development along with our personal interests. Along with her being late to class and never attempting to create her own work plan but instead just telling us to open our books and read.

Ms. Kludge is not a responsible teacher so never want to become a teacher like her! I want to come to class early and stay late into the day so my students can have every possible opportunity to improve their standards of life. Just as Mrs. Swanson was there for me I want to be there for my students.

Evolution, being able to change with my students and not only expect them to improve but to improve myself by learning more. Not only in regards to teaching but also the culture I’m surrounded and immersed in. My own personal goal is to look back in five years and remember how much I’ve evolved while still keeping the desire to help those willing to learn.

Availability, it’s a core role to many things in life. A good teacher is nothing different, being there for your students is a major part of their development as a student as well as a functioning member of society. Any former student can attest to the fact that a teacher