Your Place or Mine Essay

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Brooks Kittoe
Relational Communications
Your Place or Mine I did the first puzzle in my living room with my roommate. We did have the television on which was a little bit of a distraction but other than that we got right down to solving the puzzle. We both read it one time and then we sat there and thought in our heads. I came up with the answer of 3 trips with one trip taking two missionaries, next trip taking one missionary and one cannibal, and the last trip of two cannibals. My roommate agreed and then he thought if there were any other ways which we concluded that we thought there was another way to do the 3 trips. The puzzle was pretty easy to do at home because we weren’t distracted by anything except the television which was pretty quiet at the time. We were sitting in chairs across the living room and each read the problem a couple times. I don’t believe the environment changed anyway that we would have approached that puzzle. My roommate and I ended up doing the second puzzle at a Subway during the lunch hour on Tuesday. Not sure why I picked to do the second puzzle there because it turned out to be much more difficult than the first. We go to Subway, got out food, and grabbed a booth. While we were eating we both read over the puzzle for the first time. At Subway it was much harder to concentrate on doing that puzzle. Lots of people were coming in and out of Subway and everyone was talking about what is going on or they are catching up with a friend. We were also sitting next to a window so both of us would be looking out at most passing cars and people. Doing this puzzle at Subway was