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Review 1: Assassins Creed III
I. Discover: What is the message/worldview of the game.
One game I have heard a lot about from my youth group is called Assassins Creed. This is a single player game that involves a player to take on missions that go and assassinate key people and by doing this the will save the world. I played this game and found it to be confusing and I couldn’t figure out the controls. I am thankful some of the youth group guys came over to hang out and teach me how to play this RPG (role playing game). These guys were masters at this game and Assassins Creed brought them into a whole new reality. In this world, they can become a god and they can do whatever they want. The killed innocent people, steal things, flirt with girls, beat-up the bad guys and it was all to save the world from a higher evil than yourself. I was disturbed by this game and was actually amazed that these kids were allowed by their parents to play Assassins Creed.
This game portrays the world in a way that states, might makes right. If you want something then you simply go get it. No matter if you have to cheat, steal, lie, or kill. The value of life is completely disregarded and I was amazed at how the youth will laugh at killing innocent people and then steal money from the person they just killed. How you treat others in the game is based on what you need from that particular character. For example; you will protect someone only if they have something to offer. Once their usefulness is over with, they become disposable.

II. Discern: How does it stand in light of the biblical message/worldview.
Assassins Creed and creative design is amazing and is beyond any game I have played before. Typically the games I play with my kids are more cartoonish and there is a clear line between reality of our world and the reality of the game. This game however was designed to be as real as possible, and they designers did an excellent job. This piece of media was created I believe to give the idea that you can be whoever you want to be and lets the gamer live in that reality. You are that rogue fighter protecting the weak (as long as they don’t have something you want). You can save the future of mankind, and be rich in the process. This game allowed me to be and have everything the world values, like money, the nicest “stuff”, strength in self, sex, travel anywhere, and the ability to do whatever you want with no accountability. How this game lines up with the Word of God and the Christian worldview is simple, it doesn’t. It’s a world created to worship the creation (yourself) rather than the Creator. Now in the games summary it states that Assassins Creed is a group of “top secrete” assassins specially trained to take out the “bad guy”, and protect the weak. One could possible say that the character in the game represents Christ, and He sacrificed His life for us, and the Assassin is putting his life on the line to help protect people as well. I completely disagree with this because and in the game you are only protecting those who have something to offer you.

III. Decide: What do I do with its.
I see that this game pulls students away from God and points them towards self-idolization. The player has the capability to do whatever they want, how they want, whenever they want. They become God and even have the ability to change the past, present and future. I do not think this game has value towards God’s standards on how we should live, but it does help me better understand my youth group. These students (mainly guys) are using games like Assassins Creed to escape reality and hide from problems they don’t feel like they can face (or choose not to face). The poor kid becomes the rich kid, the bullied kid can now protect the weak, the nerdy kid becomes the hero, etc. I need to help them focus on who they are in Christ and How God sees them. As my Pastor puts it, “the world comes at these student’s like a semi truck, I need to come