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Hi everyone, we've been looking forward to tell everybody more about this amazing project called How Caring Are You that us young carers have created. How Caring Are You is a really creative and eye catching website/project for young people and young carers out there in the U.K. who may need support, and to have a look and check out where their local YMCA young carers or youth groups are located, or to just browse the site and have a bit of fun. So a few of us young carers thought we needed something new, and fresh for young people and carers in the UK. So we had regular meetings with Laura our then young carers co-ordinator who really helped us out. We came up with amazing ideas for a website which includes the branding, the banners, the colours of the site, the music on it and the font of the text etc and about us young carers in Chelmsford YMCA, a cool popular quiz which leads the young people to helpful support from different organisations, we also considered using easy and understanding words and sayings on the quiz and website for young people today which we felt was a good way to connect to the younger people easier. So our next step we decided to take was to set up some social networking sites for our website like a 'Facebook Like' page and Twitter, where most young people seem to live on these days. So we set of our How Caring Are You adventure at the young carers festival in Southampton which was a really good opportunity to show off to the young people and carers what we have created. It was a massive hit at the festival, we got loads of 'likes' on Facebook and followers on Twitter, which from those links led the online users to the website and quiz. We gave out festival style wristbands which promoted How Caring Are You and Chelmsford YMCA, which we all designed! everyone loved them! Here are some things a few people asked to say about How Caring Are You ;
"We wanted to spread the word about Young Carers and we done that through a website we created to get people to realise that they are not alone and there is help out there"- Jess "How Caring Are You is a very inspirational website. it helps young carers all over the country, people who don't even know they are young carers! I would highly recommend every young person to go onto the website and get involved! it may just change their lives!"- Kelly "How Caring Are You is a brilliant website which promotes young carers and all the work we do all over the country. its a great way