Youth: Arithmetic Mean and bubbly Justin Beiber Essay

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Youth – not what its cracked up to be.

The youth of our nation is, in a cliché referred to as: our future. Firstly youth is a struggle, and it’s worrying to think my peers are going to be the future of our world. I just can’t imagine any of my friends getting their heads screwed on properly anytime soon and becoming the next prime minister. Youth is a sad story told all throughout time, a prime example: Romeo + Juliet. We can complain about annoying parents and stupid boys all we want, but lets just be thankful we aren’t Juliet. Can you imagine being in her shoes? Marriage at 13 is a tough situation. Shakespeare portrayed her in a poetic light, a life full of beautiful tragedy, but in the end the poor girl was so pressured it ended in disaster. To be fair there are many girls all over the world who face the same issue of arranged marriage and worse hardships even in our modern times. in saying that, we also have to deal with the boredom that comes with being young. Everyone says that your youth is the most exciting time of your life, but I am yet to experience this excitement. All I’ve got going on is crazy parents who name their child Elfin Twinkle. I don’t think anyone takes me seriously, which can be quite a struggle when everyone’s just trying to figure out who they are. Us girls also have to face immature boys, temperamental friends, the pressures from school to conform, pressures from their peers to rebel, and on top of that pressures from society to be the stereotypical teenage girl. I know Juliet’s life was hard but at least she wasn’t asked if she was named after a telly tubby every time she introduced herself. Most girls going through the struggle of youth come across as whiny girls and are asked if its “that time of the month”. It is hard. It is boring. The expectation of the stereotypical girl is to be a bubbly Justin Beiber fan who loves kittens and has a great friendship group and is getting average grades, not too smart coz otherwise you’re a suck up, but not too dumb or else you’re a drop kick. The truth is everyone’s different, and people you don’t even know judge you because you don’t have enough likes on your Facebook DP. We are all expected to run around without a care in the word because “were young”. And the worst part of it all is that you feel like no one relates to you. Know one understands you. All your friends have completely different things going on, if you try and talk to your mum she just tells you to empty the dishwasher, and the school councillor just asks you if you fighting with your friends relates to any childhood trauma. That’s when we all turn too social networking, which is the worst of all. Its all over the news as this evil thing that makes teenagers turn into zombies, which is the most overrated thing I can think of. Its called developing technology. What’s turning teenagers into zombies is the confusion they are going through that’s brought upon by pressures from adults. I for one barely go on Facebook and sure I text people but its not like