Youth Specialist Essay

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Youth Specialist
I chose the human service field fairly early in my quest for a major. Once I read the description of what it was that these helpers learned and did I was hooked. I wanted to be in this field because I wanted to help people. I believe I learned empathy at a young age. I hated to see people cry and I always tried to find ways to help them with their issues. I still find myself helping my co-workers, friends, and even strangers with issues that they may be having. I remember hearing horror stories from people that had been through a crisis or difficult time and went to try to get help and were treated like lower than scum. I remember the look in their eyes as they described the manner in which they were treated. I could not believe that the people that were suppose to help actually hurt those people and deterred them away from seeking further assistance. I also remember when I were going through tough times and the people I went to for help that actually made me feel like they truly cared about my situation. Since that time I knew I wanted to be in the helping profession. I want to work with troubled youth the most but am willing to work with any population. I chose this population because the youth are our future. So many are underprivileged and because of certain aspects of their lives make bad decisions and partake in risky behaviors. If I can change just one of their lives and assist them in reaching their goals it will be all worth it. Many…