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Stephanie Kil
English 111-001M
December 5, 2012
YouTube can be a Tremendous Tool for the Business Realm
Unless you’ve been living in a dark cavern far away from internet with homo-sapiens for the past few years, you’ve no doubt heard of YouTube, the video-sharing website. YouTube lets anyone with a computer and internet posts any kind of videos online. YouTube is an entertaining and popular website, “continuously ranking in the top five of all sites on the Web with more than 130 million visitors per month” (Miller). Certain people consider the digital media a tool that makes their everyday lives easier and others consider it completely essential to their existence. With YouTube I can easily access videos to teach me, “How to do Trigonometry Functions with
Co-sin,” “How to Bake a Cake,” and “Hot to get Rid of Blackheads”. YouTube doesn’t merely have to be an entertaining website though; it can also be a tremendous tool that’s available to all who choose to learn how to use it. If done correctly, YouTube can provide a huge boost for your marketing. You can use YouTube to market your business differently, it has low-cost online marketing and you can also earn extra money from YouTube, and interact with the viewers. However, for some businesses YouTube could be a drawback, because of copyrighted materials, chances of being hacked and possibly getting a bad reputation. For example, for Lucas Cruikshank also known as Fred, YouTube has been helping him grow. Thanks to YouTube; he has a manager, advertises for some other corporations and made millions of dollars over YouTube. For certain other YouTube celebrities like Ryan Higa, Lindi and Rebecca Black, they had to keep up with the copyrighted materials, struggle with an imposter, and had to deal with their bad reputation they received from YouTube.
YouTube has been struggling with copyrighted materials and imposters stealing Youtuber’s identity on their site. A YouTuber who has been pestering with YouTube in order to make money is Ryan Higa. He has a YouTube channel known as NigaHiga and has over 6 million subscribers and over one billion views. In the beginning of June 2006 the fifteen year old boy posted up his first two videos, “How to be Emo” and “How to be a Gangster”. His first two videos went viral and in a short amount of time, he had more than a million subscribers and over four million views. However, his short homemade clips of “How to be Emo” and “How to be a Gangster” had minor content of music from Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy. “Viacom has accused YouTube of infringing activities for allowing its users to post copyrighted materials on the site” (Major). Since the allegation YouTube went around and removed videos with the smallest amount of copyrights including his two most popular videos on Christmas Eve. Ryan Higa lost his two most popular videos on YouTube and since the accusation it’s hard posting a video up without any copyrighted materials. An additional YouTube celebrity that had some problems over YouTube is Lindi also known as, Bubzbeauty or Bubbiosity. Lindi is a make-up guru artist, who has her own little company that sells different varieties of cosmetics brushes. Her YouTube channel has over one million subscribers and over one million views. Sometime in July in 2011, Lindi’s account Bubbiosity had an imposter. The imposter created an account, Bubbiossity and copied all her videos and put it on their channel and pretended to be Lindi. The imposter went around YouTube and tried to attract undesirable attention by posting up negative comments toward her viewers. Lindi had to post a video, “Bubzbeauty “Controversy”” to settle down the misunderstanding of her imposter’s nasty comments toward her subscribers. She had to deal with an imposter, who was easily able to steal her identity online.
A very pleasant thing about marketing on YouTube is that you get to immediately receive the comments and responses from people who view your video. The