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Yuan Gao
HU100E The Love
Mark Fischer
Feb. 4, 2015
The real love There is a feeling which is silent, but can touching us a lot; sometimes it means regrets and even can expense everything without payback and this emotion is love. Love is an eternal theme as human beings and it also occupy the most important position in our society. It is really difficult for us to imagine how dark will our world be that without love, and that is why we always seek the real love. The real love is when two people together taste sweet, separated feels bitter, as long as one tries his best to love, to cherish, they will be good. Sometime love will lose to time, and sometimes will lose to distance, but some of the love will keep forever. Therefore, in my opinion the real love is share the best and following your mind. But there is one point that is really important for all of us, which means that different people has different view about love which has no pros and cons but the only precondition is do not hurt others. The first point is that the real love between man and wife is share each other’s best treasure. “One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. Della counted it three times. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the next day would be Christmas.” “Jim, I hunted all over town to find it.” “Della, I sold the watch to get the money to buy the combs.” (The Gift of the Magi, 1906). Those are the important details from the article which we already learned in our class and from the story and the details we can understand that the man and his wife give up the most important thing of themselves to buy the gift for each other without any hesitation and heartache. They use their beautiful mind to give an invaluable asset to each other, and this perfect gift is the gift that maybe the richest people in the world cannot give. Jim and Della maybe is the live in the lowest class in the society at that time, but they still have the deepest love and passion to face the life, which means that when we can hand the warmest emotion, the love in our life, there is no barrier to stop us to catch the love at all. Hence, everyone has the right to enjoy the real love whatever his or her is rich or not and the only requirement is that they are can share their mind, never afraid sacrifice and never want payback and share will give us the easiest way to seek the real love and happiness. Secondly, through the article Shakespeare’s “My Mistress’ Eyes”. We can easily figure out that people had a different definition about beauty and love in that time. For instance, Shakespeare described that his dream girl had dark eyes, pale lips, dun breast and a bad voice, and who may not match the modern aesthetic standard if she is in live right now, but Shakespeare was still attracted by her deeply. In the poem, he said: “and yet, by heaven, I think my love is rare, as any she belied with false compare”(Shakespeare, Shakespeare fell in love with this lady because he had a different view about beauty and his love to this lady was deep and it came from the bottom of his heart. Because he love the girl so much and she was much more beautiful than any other people in the world in his eyes. Even she may not beautiful for us but in his mind, she is the most beautiful woman in this world and he can do anything for her. Therefore, everyone has different view of beauty and everyone also has different view of love, and no one can superior to others, and the only criteria for love is using positive ways to face the love and following our mind. In another hand, sometimes the love may also abnormal and make us feel uncomfortable. In the reading material “Stephen King, the Man Who Loved Flowers”, Stephen King described a man who was dressed in a light grey suit. The narrow tie on his neck was pulled down a little and his top collar button undone. According to those details we can easily figure out that it showed us a young