Yukio's Short Story

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The first time he saw the book, it was on Yukio's desk in a pile of homework books. It was a dull shade of red, about the same size as Yukio's other textbooks. His brother was out on a mission, as usual. Rin barely spared the book a glance, much less remembered it being there. He wasn't interested in any of Yukio's homework. It gave him too much of a headache. To think his brother did even more advanced schoolwork than him always dumbfounded him. His schoolwork was hard enough, but Yukio's was even more challenging.
Rin was impressed and proud of his brother's intellect. The smart twin was capable of doing so many things. He was the model overachieving student, not to mention almost on par with a responsible adult. Sometimes the cram students
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Dark circles rimmed his eyes and he yawned about 5 times a minute. More recently, he began waking up late. His uniform was wrinkled, his hair uncombed, and his glasses askew. Once or twice he forgot his tie. The other cram students thought Yukio almost looked like Rin with his messy look. Rin didn't know whether to feel offended or not.
But such behavior was unusual for Yukio. Rin scrambled for an explanation. It wasn't time for any major tests, like midterms or finals. They had only begun the semester! He didn't know what could cause Yukio to be stressed and stay up late at night. Wait, scratch that. Yukio had a lot to worry about. Namely, Rin himself. But that didn't explain the strange obsession with the book! Rin resolved to find out, or at least send Yukio to bed earlier. As the older brother, he was allowed to do that. Not to mention all that studying was probably rotting out Yukio's brain. (At least, Rin thought so. Bon begged to differ.)
That night, Rin decided to confront Yukio during dinner. He was going to make Yukio's favorite, sashimi. It would make Yukio open up easier if he was comfortable. And he could always threaten not to give Yukio any food if he refused to tell. Plus, Yukio wouldn't take it kindly if Rin demanded answers while he was busy doing homework or something important. Particularly with the book
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He waited for a couple of seconds, before frowning. He couldn't hear any approaching footsteps. Unusual. Yukio typically came for dinner right away. His brother wouldn't admit it, but he was generally as hungry as Rin when mealtimes came around. He waited another minute before leaving the kitchen. He stalked up to the room he shared with Yukio, and slammed the door open, loud enough to wake the dead. He might have dented the wall or broken a couple hinges on the door. To his surprise, Yukio was sleeping on his desk over the book.
Rin's scowl grew deeper. Yukio's unhealthy obsession with the book made him completely pass out from exhaustion. If Yukio couldn't even wake up after he slammed the door open, he doubted anything else would. On the bright side, at least Yukio could catch up on some sleep. At this, Rin's face softened. He gently lifted Yukio from his chair and laid him on his bed. He removed his brother's gear and was about to place it on his desk when he noticed the