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Juan Gris
1) Most important passage to author
The artist, in other words, became his own subject, not in subjective or egocentric manner, but as a result of his considering himself and the functioning of his own sense as an integral part of Nature he was studying. This was the formula for Cubism and when Cezanne insisted on being faithful to Nature via his petite sensation he predicted it. Again, however, I want to emphasize that by formula I mean a new, revolutionary truth, which, once posed, can be generally learned, taught and applied. Why revolutionary? Because, simultaneously with the scientific discoveries of that period which were just beginning to give man , for the first time in history, the possibility of an adequate control of his environment, the Cubist formula presupposed, also for the first time in history, man living unalienated from Nature. And it is perhaps this which explains why those few cubist pictures which were created during the years immediately preceding the First Word War are the calmest works painted since the French Revolution.
Conceptual word: Cubism, Cubist Formula
Cubism: Nature, Predicted, revolutionary
Cubist Formula: First time, cubist pictures, explain
2) Most important passage to me
Theoretically, a reality of an object for a Cubist consisted of the sum total of all its possible appearance. Yet in practice this total could never be arrived at, because number of possible visual appearance (or aspects) was infinite. Consequently, the most of cubist could do was somehow to suggest the range of, the infinity possibilities open to, his vision. The real subject of a Cubist painting is not a bottle or violin; the real subject is always the same, and is the functioning sight of itself. The bottle or the violin is only the point of focus, the stake to which the artist’s circling vision is tied. To look at a Cubist painting is like looking at star. The star exists objectively, as does the subject of painting. But the shape is the result of our looking at it.
Conceptual word: Visual Appearance, Cubist painting.
Visual Appearance: possible appearance, infinite, vision.
Cubist painting: sum, total, star, looking at.
3) An passage that seems important
It may seem shocking in our period of hysterical individualism to say that Cubism supplied a formula. Yet this was its unique advantage over other twentieth-century movements, and is why many second-rate artists…