Yuma Territorial Prison

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Yuma territorial Prison Alessandra carrazco US History Pd.5 Mr.Ellegood

The Yuma Territorial Prison was opened in 1875, the prison was known for many things. Such as the hauntings,astonishing history, or the life in the prison. when the prison was first being built. Construction of the prison was built from the first inmates. They never reduced the prison sentence for the inmates that helped bulid the prison.In the prison they had 6 prisoners per cell.They were also infested with roaches,lice and bed bugs.The reasons you were sent to the prison was for murder,theft,embezzlement,forgery,polygamy and adultery.
When a prisoner broke the rules, he was confined
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Behavior had improved since the dark cell or the “Hell Hole” was emplacemented. Slightly, but the rumors that has scared prisoners more than the dark cell, is the supernatural that was living there. The prison may be haunted or just the dark cell itself. There were 6 inmates have committed suicide simply because the prison was too hard. These are some inmates who committed suicide while serving their sentence.William Douglas he died November 30,1908 by drinking acid.Tom Kuen had murdered his cellmate with a rock and days later on October 7,1906 he committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell. John Ryan was also known as “Den” he also committed suicide by strangulation on May 6,1903.Life inside the Yuma Territorial Prison was considered by few inmates, “hell on earth”. Although it had a great hospital, it was still very rough living in the prison. The prison was extremely hot. During the summer they only had the natures breeze. They also had vents that attempted to cool down the prison. The prison did not have a corrupted system neither did the government.Another reason why the Yuma territorial prison was significant was because of it’s strange history. During the Great Depression the homeless would look for a place to sleep and they would sleep in the cells.The prison was like haven to the homeless. Also, the inmates that were in the the prison made a significant mark in Arizona’s history. …show more content…
The prison did not discriminate from all 3,069 prisoners that served time in prison that also includes the women. The men and women that were in the prison were separated in different parts of the prison. The prison has all ages and the youngest being Charles Smith he was fifteen and sentenced to one year for grand larceny. There were many prisoners that died of various causes while serving their sentences.If you died while in prison you were buried in the prison cemetery.The main causes of death in the prison was Tuberculosis.There were 46 prisoners that died of Tuberculosis (consumption).There were other different causes of deaths.They had gunshots from trying to escape,inmates killing their cell mates and there were a couple more.The prison also had some very small luxuries.The inmates were able to have a band and were allowed to chew