Sochi Security Concerns In The Olympic Games

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Gabriel Ramirez Mrs. Smithson AP English Composition 2/22/2014
Sochi Security Concerns
The Olympic Games in Sochi are under way, multicultural sporting events with the most accomplished athletes come to compete. However what was once a competition has become a death trap filled with extremist groups with the sole purpose to cause destruction; and corruption in all levels of the Russian government which makes guest to the Olympic Games susceptible targets. An array of problems awaits spectators, from incomplete hotel rooms, to Russians Anti-gay propaganda. However the most dominating problem is the concern over Sochi security. Vladimir Putin (Russian President) and the Russian government have taken numerous precautions to insure the safety of all coming to see the Olympics. One of these precautions include the deployment of 40,000 armed police officers and Russians most feared and respected special operation units, Spetsnaz. Once these security measures are taken into account, a question will arise: what caused Putin to call for this much security? Well to answer that question, soon before the Olympic Games began two late December suicide bombings in the southern city of Volgograd, about 400 miles away from the Sochi; followed by Chechen warlord Doku Umarov's call to launch attacks on the Games has stirred up a mist of fear among Russian officials. Additionally, in his four minute YouTube clip, Umarov ended the suspension on attacks on civilians and called for Jihadist to stop the games that were built “on the bones of many, Muslims killed, and buried on our lands extending to the Black Sea.” Umarov’s video threat to disrupt the

Winter Olympics likely served as a reminder of his return onto the international political scene in Russia with intent to scare Russians and the international community, and undermine Russia’s image. In addition, Sochi geographical location is unsecure, the province of Dagestan(suspected area where Umarov developed the four minute YouTube clip) only 300 miles away east from Sochi, has grown into the center of a rebellion, where shootings and suicide explosions is a daily occurrence. Sochi is alarmingly close to the region of the North Caucasus, a predominantly Muslim part of Russia that has been immersed in a bloody civil conflict for two decades. In addition extremist groups (Jihadist and Caucasus Emirate) have developed ways to transport their explosives; they are currently implanting explosives in toothpaste tubes and transporting them onto flights and into Sochi. And even the corruption within the veins of the Russian government has fear in the minds of Sochi guest and United State officials. Considering all these facts, Putin can’t simply insure the safety of thousands of lives, even with all the security he has implemented. Putin speaks of safety and can insure that all will be safe and secure; this is simply a comforting lie. “The ring of steel” (40,000 police officers) is a mere illusion, to safeguard the Russian government from politics and to control the fears of the public. Although no explosions or attacks have been reported since the Olympic Games have begun, something is bound to happen. Many critics of the Sochi games agree with this statement (such as Mike McCaul) due to the fact of increases of violence surrounding Sochi. The guards, checkpoints and weaponry are unmatched for the Olympic Games; there is just too much surface in which to cover. However the problem itself isn’t necessarily within the Olympic Games, but the surrounding area of Sochi. The Volgograd bombings and the Province of Dagestan are prime examples of this. The Volgograd bombings were two consecutive bombings resulting in over 30 causalities. Shocked, Russia fueled security concerns ahead of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Consequentially the Russian government has deployed Russian Special Forces to block off entry points in the mountains in which terrorist groups