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17 January 2013 Did you know that every 3 in 10 teen girls get pregnant at least once before they turn 20? There are 329,797 teen girls between the ages 15-19 that become pregnant every year! That a lot of teen girls. I’m writing this because I want to tell what having a child at such a young age can do, I also want to tell about how serious teen pregnancy is in the US, and I always want to tell how having a baby as a teenager can affect your child. About 50% of teens never think about how getting pregnant can change their lives. Having a baby as teen effects the rest of your life and also the rest of your child’s life. The number 1 reasons that teen girls drop out of high school is because they got pregnant. They drop out because they can’t go to school, work, and take care of a baby so they have no other choice but to drop out to get money to buy the things that your baby needs. Without a education its harder to take care of your baby in a proper way. Nearly 50% of all teenage mothers get social assistance sometime in the first five years of their child's life. Teens think that its so easy to take on the responsibility of a baby but they don’t realize all the affects it can have on your life and all the work and care that comes along with a baby. Teen pregnancy has seemed to become a big problem in the US the past several years. Even though the numbers have gone down for teen pregnancy the numbers are still high. United States has one the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the world! American has higher pregnancy rates then China, Canada, and France! 79% of teenagers that get pregnant are not pregnancy end to abortion. Only 59% of teen pregnancies end in birth. Very few teens even marry the guy they have their kid with! Teen pregnancy mostly has a effect on the child! Girls that are born to teen moms are more likely to be a teen mom there selves and boys that are born to teen moms are mom likely to go to jail. Children of teenage…