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Yvonne Brissett – Stone died peacefully at her daughters home in Media Pennsylvania on January 20, 2015 after a brief struggle with Cancer. She was born on July 19, 1962 in Kingston Jamaica, daughter of Cecil Williams and the late Lucille Sinclair.
Yvonne attended the Daphney basic and the Chantilly all age school in Westmoreland ____ after which she pursed a trade as Dress Maker and attended the Heart Institute where she pursued machine operations. After being the caregiver for her late grandparents and an active member of the Salvation Army church, she then relocated to Granville, Montego Bay to start a new life living with her uncle, Kingsley Sinclair who later converted her to the Seventh Day Adventist Faith. Though most her family members were of different faiths, she was drawn to the truth and her Uncle’s teachings.
She further developed a passion for church ministry and again became very active. It was during this time, she met and fell in love with the late Bob Brissett (My Dad) who was also of the faith. They later got married on________ 1989 and relocated to build their life together. Yvonne & Bob later begot 2 children, Jalisa on November 8, 1990 and Javaun on April 37, 1993. She not only loved her family & children but extended that same compassion to children at her church and community. However, her ministry didn’t end there, she joined the Mountain View Pathfinder club and became the Adventurer Leader where she held this position before and after her husband passed in 2001.
She was single for some time and further devoted most of her time visiting the sick and giving words of encouragement. Years later, she met her second husband, Kenroy Stone at her favorite place, the church. She then remarried in 2003. She contributed to her community by making school uniforms for every child to return to school after a long summer. She would be awake for hours and hours ensuring that all uniforms were complete for September morning. Of course, I did help her out a little buy sewing buttons and learning different stiches .
Yvonne was loved by everyone. Her infectious smile, bubbly personality, her extreme compassion and generosity was captivating. She would leave you wondering saying, “wow, well that’s not normal.” Nothing