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Zach Carreras
Mr. Robertson
History 101
Assignment 6
In the chapter of the cow, in the Quran, it is explained how to live a life of righteousness and piety. It starts off with saying that satan is your acknowledged enemy and will try to get you to indulge in evil and indecency. Then it goes on to tell you how you should live your life in the way God intended. He should be the only God you sacrifice to. God should be feared for He is all knowing. To become righteous you must fast for a fixed number of days. Those Who are sick and or traveling must complete the days that they have missed, and for those that find it hard to fast should then feed the poor instead.
Oppression is worse than killing, especially when the individual is being oppressed over religion. It is alright to fight someone in the way of God that fight you but not near the Holy
Mosque, unless they fight you there. You are also required to perform the pilgrimage and holy visit. If you are unable to make the pilgrimage then you must send and offering and wait until it arrives to shave your head. If you follow Satan you will be sent to Hell, which is a evil place of wide expanse. However God does is not unaware of the good deeds that you do in life. If you turn back on your faith and die disbelieving you have wasted your deeds in this world and the next. It is also considered bad to marry an idolatrous person for they do not truly worship
The chapter of Muhammad continues to talk…