Essay on Zack: Reality and Giant Video Game

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Speculate the future of the universe and the future of mine.
The future of the universe is definitely something to be questioned. Is it heading towards its doom or are is it going to implode somehow. For me I don’t really care about the future of the universe because it isn't going to affect me anytime soon. I will be long gone before anything catastrophic happens like our sun exploding or something amazing happens like humanity populating another planet. However the future of me is something else to talk about. I can’t accurately predict my future because of random events such as accidents could alter my future. However if everything goes according to plan I would live a normal life. I would finish college, have a job and do whatever comes along the way. In the end though speculating the future of me isn't something I really care about either. It isn't going to be spectacular as far as I know and me speculating it won’t change anything either. All I know is stuff is going to happen and I’m going to go along with the flow. I can’t say that anything is real but I also can’t say what isn’t real. For all I know, you and I are in a giant video game created by a more advanced intelligent race and we’re just intelligent AI. Science can prove many things but it can’t prove our existence and speaking of existence what is it. Its definition is the fact or state of living or having objective reality, but is existence something deeper and more personal. Is it something as emotional as love or is it something