Zara: Transport and Import Logistic Team Essay

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Canaren Inc
Supply Chain Process
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Pankaj Kapoor

Organization Profile:
Apparel import company ,sources apparels from different part of world (Asia , Middle
East and Central America ) and supply to retailers such Walmart, B&R, Leads .

Map Description:
Map will show supply chain process involved in importing the merchandise from point of designing to product manufacturing and deliver to retailers or whole sale distributers

including sourcing raw material and logistics are being used during the whole exercise.
The Map will also reflect bottlenecks during sourcing, manufacturing and logistics.
Detail Description:

• As per the seasons, Design team creates designs line,
• Sale team will show the design line to customers
• Once customer selects the designs, proto samples are being made.

• Once proto samples are approved, an official po will be released by customer.
• Sourcing team will do the homework by cross costing and sampling from different sources and select the appropriate source who is best in terms of lead time, cost and


• A internal po will be issued to manufacture.
• Raw material being arranged either locally or import from overseas (like China) if country of product sourcing is not China.
• Once raw material is received by manufacturing plant , after raw material inspection, product is being produced.
• Once product is produced, it will go through QA inspection and once consignment is approved by QA team, it will be directed to logistic team.
• Logistic team will work with logistic partners (road/rail/vsl/air) and make the shipping arrangements as the shipping need.
• Once cargo reaches final destination,