Zara and Reiss Comaparison Essay

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After approaching a Reiss and Zara Store in Oxford circus, speaking to staff and doing some more research on the internet i have come to notice both ZARA and REISS are a growing profitable companies.
When looking at REISS THE BRAND:
Reiss a retailer of “own brand” quality fashion menswear and womenswear that established itself in London in 1970. The brand has become reorganized as a progressive, fashion-led retail company. Designing and producing own –label ranges it offers an aspirational look at affordable prices
When looking at REISS THE STORE:
All the retailing shops of Reiss are in the UK and one been in Ireland. Furthermore, Reiss has 28 wholly owned shops and 4 concessions in house of Fraser. These stores are chosen in price,
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Its target market and prices are almost the same. The brand hug boss is internationally known and extremely profitable.
• Zara-15 shops in north London, has similar range of product and niche market, worldwide brand awareness.
• Dkny-6shops within the Netherlands where Reiss is looking to enter, again DKNY has similar clothing style and fashion sense to Reiss.
Competitive strengths
• Superior logistic and technology infrastructure
• Macroeconomic stability
• Strategic location in Europe
• International business environment
• Highly educated, multilingual and flexible workforce
Competitive weaknesses
• Restrictive labor regulations
• Tax regulations

Zara has resisted the industry-wide trend towards transferring fashion production to low-cost countries. Perhaps its most unusual strategy was its policy of zero advertising. The company preferred to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead.
Target market: Zara does not state a age number and restrict themselves to it, they say they provide for teens to adults of any age men and women.
Product assortment: Zara is broadly and deeply assorted.
Procurement- Establishing merchandise sources, policies and practices.
Prices: Zara’s products are priced at a affordable price for middleclass and above
Services: pre-purchase service, post-purchase.
Store atmosphere: Zara store atmosphere is high end but classy,