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Trisha Cooper joined with her daughter Carrie Schwinoff to start their own business Zatswho. The idea came from Trisha playing with her granddaughter by putting photos in plastic frames as flash cards and playing with it as a game to learn relatives. Trisha spent the last 13 years of her career working as a CFO for a telecommunications company. She brought the photo flash card idea to her daughter and they became partners in the company. We discussed 5 questions of family members working together and some of the challenges family members face when entering a partnership. We also discuss the marketing strategies and web page structure of

Case 3 Questions: Zatswho LLC Can A Mother–Daughter Team Be Successful
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In return, we have come up with some marketing strategies and ideas for you to consider. This product has great potential and we look forward to helping you accomplish and meet your goals with a successful product.
One of the key marketing strategies we plan to use is guerrilla-marketing strategy. Guerrilla marketing is the form of marketing that targets consumers when they least expect it. This is a very creative way to advertise products and we believe that this would be a great option for Zastwho.
The target market that has been established for Zatswho includes small children, parents, military families, teachers and special need children. In order to reach these consumers, we have to focus on getting the information about the products to known popular areas. These include hospitals, doctor’s offices, daycare facilities, a story time locations such as libraries, military family support sites, schoolteacher conferences and online social media sites. We are going to focus on creating brochure pamphlets, partnering with different family retailers online and large city areas, and utilize online social networking sites.
Creating Brochure Pamphlets
These pamphlets will create a clear and focused message about the product in visually persuasive way. In the information, it would provide the products general overview and