Zero Tolerance Policy In Schools

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A little boy is excited about advancing to the next level of Cub Scouts. So excited, that he decides to bring some material from his fire starter kit to school. At recess, he gathers up his buddies and shows them his material. Little does he know that a part of his kit, matches, are considered dangerous to his school. Immediately, the teacher rushes over, takes his matches and enforces a zero tolerance policy disciplinary action on him. His suspension from school will cause an aftermath of effects on his future academic life. The zero tolerance policy is not the answer to every disciplinary action in schools and hinders students’ academic success with unfair treatment of students, increases in suspension and expulsion rates, and lowers aspirations of students. Many view the zero tolerance policy as a “one size fits all”, nonetheless, they are unaware of what the zero …show more content…
The zero tolerance policy is known as a “school to prison pipeline” (Skiba 1). By forcing kids out of school, students are finding an outlet in criminal activities. A study in 2010 that took place in Pennsylvania concluded that the number of students placed in the juvenile system due to the zero tolerance policy has tripled compared to the last seven years (Skiba 3). For example, a student in Connecticut was kicked out of his school for selling marijuana. He was relegated to a school that was not as satisfactory as his first. His criminal record increased with misdemeanors upon the years. He decided to drop out when he was wrongly accused of a crime and put in handcuffs. Through the implications of the zero tolerance policy, he continued his crime and is now an inmate at a prison (Curtis 1). With such strict actions enforced on students as a mean of discipline, children are discouraged from going to school leading them on a path to