Essay on Zespri- the Kiwi Fruit Industry

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To: Director of University of Auckland Business School Case Centre

From: Rebecca Machado

Date: 27th April 2011

Re: A critical review of the industry in which New Zealand Company Zespri International operates, and the company’s strategy and business model.


1409 was the start of New Zealand long and prosperous relationship with Kiwifruit growing. Ironically, the kiwifruit seeds themselves were brought back by Whanganui teacher Mabel Fisher after a trip in China. Horticulturist, Alexandra Allison nurtured and sprouted the seeds that have now turned into an iconic Kiwi industry. Hayward Wright is the man responsible for the start of the Zespri brand. Exploiting the rich, volcanic soils from the
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The main aim for the branding was to differentiate Zespri kiwifruit from the other major brands in the global market. Research indicated that kiwifruit consumers felt a strong emotional connection to the fruit. Zespri used this connection to develop their positioning statement ‘ Puts life into life’. Zespri’s strategy includes positioning New Zealand kiwifruit as fun, vibrant,healthy and for all family members. Zespri International also use marketing their four key varieties of kiwifruit in such a way as to appeal to differing sectors of the market. The Jumbo variety is designed to fit neatly into children’s lunch boxes while the ‘gold’ variety was designed for the Asian market where gold has positive connotations (Cvtb). Quantitative and qualitative research showed that while branding of fruit was a fairly new concept, if done well, it had the power to represent consistant quality and attract continued loyalty for Zespri from customers in New Zealand and overseas.


Zespri’s business model describes the way in which the company creates and captures value. Zespri delivers value to consumers by producing and supplying a high quality fruit that has health benefits to people’s diet but also represents good taste and vitality. Zespri has ensured that its focus does not just lie in the fruit that it produces and sells , but more importantly on how the brand itself connects with the customer and how the customers