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Why I went ZTA
Coming into college as a freshman, I never thought I would have as many friend as I do because I don’t live on campus and I don’t have the roommate and all the hall mates. Once I got here though, everything changed. My good friend Kellan, who I went to high school with, is part of a sorority and told me I should come out hang out with her on the ZTA hall with her and some of her “sisters”. The second I go on their hall, I knew I wanted to be a part of their sorority. All the girls were out in the hallway with their bedroom doors open just talking to one another and speaking to me as I walked by. Which made me feel very welcome and very homely like.
A couple days later, I went back up to their hall to talk to Kellan because some family things were going on and I just really needed someone to talk to. I couldn’t find Kellan anywhere, but one of the other sisters named Vanna told me that she was willing to listen to my problem and help out as much as she could. So of course I told her what was going on and she went and got her roommate Morgan, to see if she could help out any. Being able to talk to two strangers and them really helping me out as much as they did was great. After all the talking we did, they took me into the Chapter Room. Almost one third of the girl in the sisterhood were in there. They being introducing their selves to me and telling me why they joined the sorority.
Some of them said I was because they wanted to have friends that would be there for a lifetime. Others said because ZTA’s philanthropies and services really hit home to them. Their philanthropies, which I didn’t learn about until a couple of days later, are Breast Cancer Education and Awareness. That really hit home to me as well, because I lost a great grandmother to breast cancer. Also not knowing anyone here and knowing that joining this organization would help me make friends. On top of all of this, hearing the girls talk about how much fun they have doing: semi-formal dances, formal dances, intermural sports, breast cancer walks, and even helping each other out with their school work.
They form study groups within the