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Sajjad Hussain
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Zeus Essay I, Zeus believe that the people that I created especially the people from Greece and Athens are somewhat good. They do a lot for me and the other gods. It is unbelievable how their philosophy, drama, and sports are based upon and directed towards the gods. I hated at certain points in time there were some terrible rulers in greece like pericles. It made me so mad that I felt like throwing a thunderbolt at them.
Don’t get me started about their whole government system and their so­called golden age. I believe that I’m pleased with the people of greece and the Athenians but later in history they go against me and the other gods.
I believe within the subjects of religion, Drama, and the Olympics the People of
Greece and Athens have greatly pleased me in their early years. Greek city­states started out with monarchs so obviously I was pleased about that since I feel that their should only be one person ruling over everyone on earth. When the Olympics were created it was meant to be a competition for the gods and especially for me. Every athlete in the Olympics had to praise me which was a great thing for them to do for me but if they didn’t do it they would probably be dead by now. Another thing I loved was that everything in their society revolved around the temple that the people made for me.
I was proud that the Athenians wanted to develop something above their height so that they could connect with me and the other gods. I enjoyed to see all the Athenians giving

me sacrifices since they believe in a mysterious divine power. It was a good thing that when the Greeks created theatrical productions that they made sure it was a tribute me and the gods, and to sometimes make the plays about us aswell. I have to thank
Aristophanes in making those hysterical comedies. In the end the Greeks and the
Athenians both showed examples of religion, Drama, and the Olympics in a way to make me happy.
During the golden age and pericles’s rule I was very furious with the Athenians because they went against my beliefs and my wishes. It was just preposterous for
Pericles to even think about strengthening Athenian democracy let alone keeping it.
Pericles went against my wishes by strengthening the athenian democracy government because the government was ruled by the people and it was for every citizen in Athens.
Well I think that there should only be one ruler in the government. I can’t believe that pericles increased the number of public officials who were paid salaries just so he could strengthen the athenian government at that time. Pericles’ pride in the Athenian
Democracy just made me sick. Another thing I hated about Pericles was that he wanted to glorify Athens sculptures and buildings like the parthenon before he tried to glorify me and the gods. This is why later I will bring the fall of the Athenian+Greek empire. The things that the ignorant pericles did truly did upset me and for that he will be punished soon. All of things that Pericles has done to me has caused him with the fall of ancient