Zeus: Odyssey and Fair Share Essay

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“Zeus, Father, I will lose all my honor now “Zeus, my father, I am about to lose my reputation among the immortals, now there are mortal men Within the gods, now there are regular men who show me no respect—Phaeacians, too, They don’t treat me with respect—even the Phaeacians as well, born of my own loins! I said myself They were born out of my own body! I told myself that Odysseus would suffer long and hard that Odysseus will suffer for a very long time before he made it home, but I never dreamed before he made back home, but I never imagined of blocking his return, not absolutely at least, Of delaying his journey, not at all, once you had pledged your word and bowed your head.

as soon as you gave me your word and bowed your head
But now they’ve swept him across the sea in their swift ship, But now they gave sailed him across the ocean, in their quick ship, they’ve set him down in Ithaca, sound asleep, and loaded the man they took him all the way to Ithaca, while he was sound asleep, and bestowed upon him with boundless gifts—bronze and hoards of gold and robes— With many gifts—bronze and piles of gold and robes— aye, more plunder than he could ever have won from Troy Indeed, more riches than he could ever have won from Troy if Odysseus had returned intact with his fair share!” if Odysseus had returned unharmed with his fair share”
“Incredible,” Zeus who marshals the thunderheads replied. “Incredible,” Zeus who controls the thunderheads replied.