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Zimbardo Experiment
The value of the Zimbardo study to social psychology The Zimbardo experiment was a milestone study of how individual people can respond to confinement. This experiment was examined and conducted in 1971 by a Stanford University student named Philip Zimbardo. The study also known as the Stanford Prison Experiment which is a classic proof of how the position of power can affect a person's behavior, morals and character. So severe, sudden and unforeseen change of disposition that numerous individuals that participated in the experiment had to be released by the 6th day ( APA, 2009).
The revelance to the study in relations to contemporary world issues Although Zimbardo's experiment took a fast turn to the wrong side , he has taken his principles of psychology and transfer them into a program that tackles heinous social affect. Zimbardo's theory was based on building a resilience in portions, slowly working towards virtue and intensifying probable heroism instead of nefarious behavior. the value of the study in relations to humanity as a whole The Standard experimentillustrated how individuals can quickly adapt to environment and allowed their character to be altered. this experimenttook away the one right that those people head and that is the right to be treated as humans. as time progressed the guards begin to mistreat the prisoners in such a way that to use the restroom had become a privilege rather than an common routine.
Problems and ethical concerns that the study created there are a few ethical suggestions that derived from the Zimbardo experiment, smuch as; organize mistreatment of prisoners and the refusal of human rights. The guards begin to administer undemocratic measures towards the prisoners even when they were not certain if the cameras were watching. The guards also called several of the prisoners mental torture. The transformation of character was so strong that some prisoners begins to harm other prisoners when instructed from the guards. There were also concerns that prisonersright to privacy was abused and that's come value of human life decreased during this experiment.
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