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MP 1: Zine Growing up, I never really had to worry about how I spent my money. Sure, every so often my parents would say no to a pair of shoes or the newest pink bike with flowers, but it was never a huge issue. I didn’t have to pay for school, there was no extra housing fee, and I wasn’t worried about if I had enough money on my debit card to buy a textbook. Nowadays, money seems to be the only thing anyone is worried about. What’s your job? How much do you get paid? Are you in school? What do you wanna study? Does that make a lot of money? And the one that’s been running around my head for quite some time: how much does your tuition cost?
This is a zine exposing the truth about how much getting an education costs in different
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Free tuition, obviously. If other countries can do it, why can’t we? Senator Bernie Sanders has set up a bill that would make college tuition free in America if he gets elected President of the U.S. His plan has six steps “to make college debt free.” The first step is create a tuition free college plan at public and private universities. The next step would be to prevent the government from profiting off of student debt, and the third would be to “substantially cut student loan interest rates.” The fourth and fifth steps are to allow students to use today’s interest rates that are lower than the normal 5-7% and to provide work-study programs and financial aid to all of the lowest-income students. Student debt is not as high in other countries because their education has never been as expensive as America’s, and we still don’t know exactly where all the money is going to, but this plan would lower the debt for future college graduates, and with help from the government and the people, we would be able to pay it off eventually. The final step in Sanders plan is to impose a tax that wall street speculators would have to pay, and it wouldn’t even be a full percent. I won’t say much more about the plan, because it is all laid out on Sanders’ website, so if you want to check it out, the link is down