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Reb – Brief Intro

A movement for the reestablishment, development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann

Chello – Michael Prior in his book Zionism and state of Israel talks about the five stages of Zionism

The first stage was the genesis of the idea from 1896-1917.

Theodor Herzl was not the first to suggest the establishment of a state for Jews, however he aimed to make this vision a reality. His former belief was that it would be easier for Jews to become Catholic in order to live in a European society, however, in order to combat anti-Semitism (which is the discrimination against Jews) he introduced a secular movement of Zionism.

It is believed that Herzl provided the organization needed for the Zionist movement to come about, which can be seen in the convening of the first Zionist congress in 1897.

Reb - A major factor for the mainstreaming of Zionism was the Holocaust (or otherwise known as the Shoah) as there was an overwhelming growth of anti-Semitism in Germany at this time, Zionism was no longer in the interest of only the indigenous Jews. This helped Zionism gain its worldwide, mainstream stance.

Another factor aiding to the mainstreaming of Zionism was the failure on Arab political parties behalf. Zionists had already constructed a government, self-reliant economy, state building institutions and a considerable defence force. This highlighted their sheer power over Palestinian society.

Chello - There is a distinction between Judaism and Zionism. JUDAISM is a religions and a tradition and ZIONISM is a political ideology.

Therefore, there are many Jews that do not associate with Zionism. However, a religious and political overlap can be seen, which has caused “a national self deception” which Nadim Rouhana discusses.

Reb – Nadim Rouhana argues that the fact that the state is both “Jewish and Democratic” it creates national self-deception in that the state