Zipcar Case Study Essay

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Juan Francisco Marines
Case Study Analysis: Zipcar

(1) WHO ARE THE MAIN PLAYERS IN THE CASE? | Summary: Who: Robin Chase CEO and Co-founderWhen: October 14, 2000What: Option 1: Reach out to other investors Option 2: Create a new business model Option 3: Close the businessMain Players: * Robin Chase * Antje Danielson - * Corporate PresidentOthers * Glenn Urban – Dean and mentor to Chase * JohnSnow – Consulting Firm * Paul Covell – MIT engineer * Investors CircleAlliance Partners: * Dan Holland – Venture partner * Transit Stations * AP reporter – press coverage Competitors: * Europe car sharing companies - Swiss Mobility CarSharing, Drive Stadtauto * Rental Car Companies –
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However, a town like San Antonio that has a lot of people but not a very good public transportation system may benefit from cars like these. |

(4) APPLY THEORY FROM THE TEXTBOOK TO THE CASE. | If chase was able to sustain the initial start-up in Boston, this business idea can easily spread to other parts of the country and make Zipcar a franchise company. This will help not only chase and initial investors by receiving capital from the business they started but will also help and continue to grow the company. Zipcar is a company that can easily succeed in this as it is a company that is set up to grow and serve different customers at growth points in the United States. | (5) PRESENT YOUR SOLUTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. | Provide at a minimum five strong recommendations for action. See examples below: 1. Removing Danielson from her position is also an option. Throughout this case study Danielson appears to have a very strong resume to back the education she has received throughout her career. However Danielson never quit her job and came to Zipcar full time. This is a hindrance to the company. When somebody is as focused and determined as Chase was everybody on the team should be as well. If employees do not have the drive and confidence Chase has, there is always another employee waiting and possibly more qualified to step in. 2. I believe one of the biggest cost is the technology invested in the initial set up of