Zlateh The Goat Short Story

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The differences and similaraties between Zlateh the Goat and the King of Mazy May do lack in some areas, but the meaning deep down inside each story is what truly matters. The most notable differences between the two stories is there plot. The plot is what draws out the meaning of the stories, along with the characters. In the short story, “Zlateh the Goat”, the author developed the theme of “trust” and “interdependence” that coincided with the changes of the setting In the short story, "the King of Mazy May," the author developed a themse of sel-sacrifice and bravery. The story "Zlateh the Goat" comes from a deeper connection of friendship that "the King of Mazy May." Aaron, in "Zlateh the Goat," realizes that he needs Zlateh …show more content…
In "Zlateh the Goat," the main character, Aaron, and his pet goat, Zlateh, go to town. The text says, “Zlateh trusted human beings. She knew that they always fed her and never did her any harm.” “She didn’t ask any questions even though she had an uncomfortable feeling of where Aaron was taking her.” Although Aaron didn't want to take Zlateh to the town butcher he had to obey his father's orders, stubborn was not what Aaron was. Plus, the price for Zlateh could give the family good sum of money for the upcoming holiday called Hanukkah. From this, readers can infer that the family lives in Israel or anywhere else Hanukkah is celebrated. As the duo traveled, a blizzard occured. Aaron found Zlateh food and shelter and in exchange Zlateh fed Aaron with her milk and “seemed eager to reward Aaron for bringing her to shelter.” Aaron also cuddled up to the warmth of Zlateh. As their time in the haystack continued, the bond between the boy and goat strengthened. Aaron said to Zlateh, “You can’t speak, but I know you understand. I need you and you need me.” Thw two's time together in the haystack helped Aaron realize that he will not continue to lead Zlateh to town. Walt as well trusted his insticts to save Loren Hall's property. As the story moves on, conflict is introduced when a group of villainous claim jumpers come to steal the neighbor’s land; Walt demonstrates selflessness by intervening in claim jumpers’ evil business. When Walt realizes the group of men intend to jump Loren Hall’s claim, he reacts immediately to thwart their efforts. Yet, Walt saved the land with his own characterists: bravery, selflessness, and self-sacrifice. Aaron trusted more of his bond with Zlateh to lead them to safety in light of their