Zombie Takeover Game Essay

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Zombie Takeover Game


Game Description

In this game you will take the role of a Zombie! You will need to overcome all the trials that face a zombie in the world, such as: Needing to eat brains and grow the zombie horde, not dying any more than you already are, etc. You will start off as your average zombie but will be able to learn how to use basic tools to aide you in your quest of world domination, everything from crowbars, to running shoes and fireproof clothes.
Everything you need to start the zombie-apocalypse is found within the towns you will be ransacking. As you grow the zombie horde the easier it will be to take over towns.

-List of End User Stories

Here a list of scenes or end user stories that the game will need:
Start the program
Main menu
Getting help
Start a game
Game Menu
Move to a new town
Explore current town
View list of weapons
Get weapons
View Current Weapons
Upgrade weapons
Go to battle
View point for zombies created
Run away
Save your game

-Description of End User Stories

Start Program

When the user chooses to start the program the computer will display the opening screen which consists of the name of the game and a short description. It will then prompt the user for his / her name and the program will display a welcome message with that users name as it brings them to the Main Menu. An error will be displayed if no name is input from the user.

Main Menu

Display the following menu.

G – Start Game H – Help Menu S – Save Game E – Exit

Help Menu
The following menu is displayed. G – What is the goal of the game? M – How to move your character. F – How to fight Q – Return to previous menu.

When the user selects one of the options, a message is displayed with the appropriate answer.

Start Game

The player may choose to either start a new game or load a previously saved game.
If ‘load game’ was selected and there has not been a game saved yet, an error will inform the user that there is no save file. The player will then be asked if they wish to start a new game instead.
If the New Game option has been selected the computer will create and initialize the game world and the “Game Menu” will be displayed.

Game Menu

Once the game is started, either from a new game or a loaded game, the Game Menu is displayed as such

M – Move to new Location E – Explore Location V – View List of Weapons W – Get Weapons U – Upgrade Weapons G – View goal progress S – Save Game H – Help Menu Q – Quit

When the user selects an option the appropriate end user story is then displayed.

Move to a new town

The player will be prompted by the computer to input the coordinates of the town the player wants to move to. The player inputs the coordinates.
If the coordinates are invalid, the computer will display an error message explaining that the coordinates are invalid. The player will be prompted to enter a new valid set of coordinates.
If the coordinates are valid, the player will be moved to the destination. However, in order to access to a new town, the player will need to calculate the perimeter of the rectangular town shape. The computers displays a message with specific lengths of the town and an empty space where the player inputs the perimeter of the town (P = 2(l +w).
If the value of the perimeter is not correct the player will be prompted to re-enter a value. If the values is correct, the player will be moved into the town and will be able to continue and then game menu will be displayed.

Explore current town The computer displays a message describing the content of the current town. Then, the map and the game menus are displayed in case the user wants to explore a different town.

View list of weapons

The computer displays a list of all possible weapons the user can get.

B – Baseball bat
P – Poison
R – Sickle