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Design Brief

Client Details

Mr S Ahmed
Aron dot
15 croft road
Hall Green
B28 aq9
Tel: 0000 222 333

Project Objectives, Aims & Requirements

We require a website solution that will allow us to promote and sell our own range of products to customers worldwide. The website must provide and do the following.

Reflect our current look – colourscheme (red, white, blue)
Allow people to shop online
Have information about our services available 24/7

Client who are looking to hire a sport car

Main colours:-light blue #7FFFD4
-RED #880000
-WHITE #999999

Main font styles:
-Rockwell extra bold moonscape Lucida console

Links colours:
When click orange #FFA500
Blue #000080
Writing style:

Design Requirements

Logo description:

ZES in a box with a picture of a car.

Colour scheme:

My website will contain light blue. Red and white the logo will cool text.

Product services information:

Hiring a luxury car+ sport cars

We also require that we can advertise various products we have available on the pages within the website. We also require that the user can quickly access the product categories that we have from the websites pages.

Within the website there is a product catalogue. We require that the products within this catalogue are listed like the example below.

BMW i8
It has a electricity car charge and nice leather seat and also comfortable warm seat.
£100.00 per-day

Content Requirements
Photo an exterior and interior of the following cars.