Zoot Suit Riots: A Comparative Analysis

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Look around you at our society of modern times, and I can state with conviction that the racial and ethnic relations that comprise the American “melting-pot” culture have exacerbated. Major cities, such as Los Angeles, have been burned to the ground more frequently than any other city in the country and have experienced violent riots such as in the Zoot Suit Riots following the beatings of Latinos by white police officers. Are we truly in a state of progress? I certainly do not espouse the notion that we live in a world today that is vastly different from the one 25 years ago, in which the Rodney King riots took place in retaliation against the brutal beating of the black individual Rodney King by a group of white police officers. As a white, privileged American who is earnestly aware of the suffering, prejudice, and travail that have undermined my Jewish people’s culture and history, I now write to discuss with you what I believe I can do to change the circumstances that both you and your black community face. …show more content…
stated, “will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” One should not be beaten and nearly murdered for being different. After all, is it not our differences that make each of us unique and contributive members of society? Now, as a Jew, I can discuss the idea of Tikkun Olam: “repairing the world”. I have had the fortunate opportunity to be educated in a Jewish school that places important emphasis on this Jewish concept. As I transition into adulthood, I am called upon to contribute to amending the flaws in our