Zombie Survival Guide Response

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Zombie Survival Guide Response
When the undead army has risen and all shit hits the fan what should you do? Don’t fear Max Brooks is here. He lays out every detail you would need to know in order to survive one of the worst threats humanity could face. In the beginning of the book Brooks describes what zombie are. Though most book deals with zombies suffering from the Solanum instead of voodoo. The differences between the two of them are outstanding for example the voodoo zombie can recognize family members while the Solanum zombie can’t. He talks about the best way to combat zombies. Unfortunately, my training in Tae Kwon Do does little according Brooks in dealing with the undead. That being said the best way to combat Satan’s Army is thru the use of weapons. The best close combat weapons are crowbars, trench spikes, and the monk’s spade due to their durability, handle ability, and how it is able to kill them. For long range weapons the most effective or a carbine or a rifle. Though you should use a silencer to make sure the zombies in area are not able to hear the noise and walk that way. He discusses what type of building would be the best shelter during the outbreak. While people may believe that going to a church or going to a city office building is the best area contrary it is worst place to go. Offshore oil rigs are the best place to go since it is virtually impossible for zombies to get to there. The only hassles with the rig is shutting off the drill and controlling the rations of everything you may need. You may need a vehicle to get around and the best one is a vehicle due to its ability to drive off road and the way it is able to get around in tight places. Air travel is the best way to get around if you have a clear landing and enough gas. These are just a few of the guidelines you should follow to survive a zombie apocalypse. One word I didn’t know in the book was Solanum. After trying to look up the word I couldn’t find it. Then I found out it was a made up word created by Max Brooks and used in WWZ and ZSG. I found out that it was a virus that turned people into zombies immediately after it has entered the human body. The virus uses the cells of the brains' frontal lobe for duplication, terminating them in the process. The zombie becomes a new thing not able to remember the person they used to be or people they used to know. After learning what the word was I was able understand the