Zulu: Zulu and Zulu Nation Essay

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Evette M. Murphy
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ANT 101
Instructor Rebekah Zinser

Zulu The Zulus are known as the largest tribe in South Africa. These decedents of the foraging San and Nguni people are well known for their bead work and basketry. However, their beliefs and values, along with their economic and political organizations have made them known throughout the world. I. BELIEFS AND VALUES A. Spiritual beliefs 1. Creator God, Diviner, and Spiritual Healer a. Nkulunkulu, is known as the creator, and he is responsible for everything they have and need. b. The Diviner is a usually a woman. She is important to everyday life of the Zulu; she invokes the spirits of the ancestors as they honor them through rituals and ceremonies (Zulu Tribe of South Africa, 2013) c. Spiritual Healer determines whether misfortunes happen through witchcraft or ancestors not being pleased (Ancestor Worship, 2005) B. Present day beliefs 1. Today’s beliefs are a combination of Christianity and Zulu beliefs

II. ECONOMIC ORGANIZTION A. Both pastoralists and rudimentary agriculturalists 1. Wealth was measured in cattle along with corn and vegetables for subsistence purposes. 2. The men and herd boys are primarily responsible for the cows, while the women do most, if not all, of the planting and harvesting (Zulu History, nd). 3. Women are the owners of the family house and have “considerable economic clout within the family” (Zulu Information, 1998). 4. Africans are limited to hard labor and domestic duties. B. TODAY’S ECONOMY 1. “Economic activity is large on the Zulu mainland, with tourism and technology as the basis for its outer reaches 2. Zulu Nation is heavily dependent on foreign relations and vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices for precious metals, its main export, along with cell phone technology. 3. Zulu Nation’s insistence on entrepreneurial growth and the 10% growth of its currency, have pushed up economic growth to a sturdy 6% average in 2001-2006” (Zulu Nation, 2006).

III. POLITICAL ORGANIZATION A. Political Systems: 1. Zulus’ political system is chiefdom. The chief has power based on his genealogy. 2. First Zulu King a. Zulu, son of an Nguni forager, Malandela, established the first KwaZulu or Place of Heaven (Zululand, 2002). 1a Built homesteads according to tradition, beehive shaped huts with floors made of ant hill sand and cow-dung. 3. Famous Zulu King a. Illegitimate son of Nandi and Senzangakona 1 a. violated customary law with their relationship (SHAKA, 2006) 2 b. Nandi was exiled, and so they settled among the Mtetwa. b. Improved