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Career Choices and are two career websites I have visited. has good features to applicants who have high school education, some college credits, college degree and graduate degree. Their relation to employment services seems to have more opportunity to many different types of applicants out there; because they contracted to employers who offers this; graduated college, summer, seasonal, summer, teens, temporary, volunteer, work at home, full-time, part-time and internships. According to, the statistics I have found is, people post jobs on “ per month is 140 million which cost them $25 per month. It also gives the employers good features/benefits with unlimited job posting, browse resumes, filter resumes and manage candidates/applicants. Job seekers also has great benefits as well; they have free everything to unlimited access to free registration, resume builder, salary calculator, free search, job alerts and post resume. The traffic seeking for jobs per month are 140 million”. ( features applicants that have “some college, college degree and graduate degree. Their relation to employment services only contracts to employer who offers this; part-time, full-time and internships. The statistics I have found is; people post jobs on per month is 11.2 million which cost them $419 per month. Employer’s features/ benefits are; browse resumes, filter resumes, and manage candidates/applicants, but no unlimited post. Job seekers only have some great benefits; free search, job alerts and post resume. The traffic seeking for jobs per month are 11.2 million”. ( Comparing these two job sites is different. seems to be more attractive to job seekers and employers because of the unlimited features and benefits. to whereas, it doesn’t has that much to offer like Job seekers and employers features are based upon to your educational levels. The traffic of people runs through is unfortunately less than Even the cost for employers to post jobs per month is overly higher than Better chances are, has a better way to serve employers and jobseekers. Especially they are unlimited contracted to employers, more so the traffic is going to be higher than Three career choices that might fit my post-graduation goals are; Business Development, Managed Care, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Director of Healthcare Manager. I picked these three choices because I love working with people. I desire a career that would allow me to enrich in people’s lives. I can imagine working in a fast-pace career that combines my interest in business and health. Overall, I want to feel passionate about my work.

Objective: Chief Operating Officer at United Healthcare Group
Duties: The Chief Operating Officer provides executive leadership, strategic vision and business management across Optum and UHG delegated entities to drive overall solution outcomes (revenue, client satisfaction, market expansion, and ACS solution evolution).
Working with the executive leaders, the COO will identify and execute strategic initiatives designed to promote profitable growth of the ACS business
Provides leadership to and is accountable for the performance and results of diverse or broad functions through multiple layers of management
Leads sales and account management team
Manages P&L/budget
Administers the appropriate cost and service measurements (metrics, measures, controls) to ensure the achievement of all key performance objectives that impact profitability and position in the marketplace
Develops and emulates a climate of superior customer service for all key stakeholders
Responsible for consumer/customer and provider satisfaction, administrative cost, and quality management; establish and