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American Studies
6 November 2013

Discussion Reflection of Annabel Lee
Section One: Discussion Lens and Patterns Recap Today we did a close reading to a poem called Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. First, we read through the poem and everyone summarized it and we had a little discussion about it. Then, we read it over again but looking for setting. Ms. Lister told us to read over the poem again out loud. We had a discussion about the setting, the kingdom by the sea. We came up with a lot of reasons for why there was a kingdom. Someone said that the kingdom may be Annabel Lee’s grave and that is the man’s kingdom. Someone else said that maybe they ran away and where Annabel Lee and the boy are is their kingdom. We also talked about if Annabel Lee died or was taken away by “family”. Rachel said that she died from a tornado because the poem says “A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling my beautiful Annabel Lee”.
Section Two: Analysis I think that the kingdom by the sea is Annabel Lee’s grave. The main character lies by her grave, the kingdom by the sea, every night because he misses her. Annabel Lee and the main character were in love. But when a tornado (or some other natural disaster) came down, it killed Annabel Lee. The main character is really upset by this so he lies by her grave every night and thinks about her.
Discussion Evaluation I contributed a couple ideas today but next time I will try to contribute a little more. I took a few notes and next time I