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Runner Quiz Questions 1. Where is the setting of the book? a) Carlton b) Hawthorn c) Richmond d) Collingwood

2. What year is the book based in? a) 1916 b) 1917 c) 1918 d) 1919

3. Who does Charlie run for? a) Ma b) Mr Redmond c) Alice d) Squizzy Taylor

4. Who owns the cake shop? a) Feehans b) Redmonds c) Cornwalls

5. What do Ma and Alice both have in common? a) They both like muffins b) Ma and Alice like cleaning c) They enjoy dancing d) They like going for walks

6. What do the neighbours ‘chip’ in to buy Charlie? a) A dog b) A house c) A new pair of runners d) A nice notebook 7. What did Alice write to Charlie before his race? a) ‘Dear Charlie, good luck today. Love Alice.’ b) ‘Dear Charlie, don’t forget to go to the toilet. Love Alice.’ c) ‘Dear Charlie, Run like the wind. Love Alice.’

8. Who is Barlow? a) Charlie’s best friend b) A bully c) Charlie’s gold fish d) Charlie’s teacher

9. Did Charlie tell his Ma about working for Squizzy? a) No b) Yes, he had permission

10. Who is Alice? a) Charlie’s girlfriend b) Charlie’s wife c) Charlie’s cat d) Charlie’s sister

11. What did Nostrils get invited to? a) A university b) A wonderful holiday c) Richmond football team

12. What is a copper? a) A type of dog b) A police officer c) A teacher

13. What does Mr Redmond think Charlie is capable of? a) Becoming a maths teacher b) Becoming a famous athlete c) Becoming a boxer d) Becoming a parent

14. Who died in Charlie’s family? a) His little brother b) His duck c) His Ma d) His father

15. Why did Charlie want to keep his father’s boots? a) Because they were famous b) Because they were important to him from his Dad c) Because they were comfy to wear

16. What did Mr Peacock do to Ma? a) Make her tea b) Kiss her in an inappropriate way c) Take her out for dinner

17. How does skipping help with boxing? a) It Helps him get fitter and stronger b) It helps him in a smart way and helps him…