A Biography of Jennifer Hudson Essay

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|Source number: 1 |
|Subject: Jennifer Hudson, Born Spouse, Movies and TV shows. |
|Jennifer Kate Hudson was born September 12, 1981 |
|She 31 years old. |
|Her spouse names are name David tuna he is an American lawyer, professional wrestler and television actor |
|Jennifer was in the movie called dream girls. |

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|Source number: 2 |
|Subject: Jennifer Hudson |
|Notes: |
|America singer an actor Jennifer Kate Hudson on September 12 1981in Chicago Illinois |
|She grew up singing in her church choir and graduated from durbar vocational career academy in 1999 |
| |

|Source number: 3 |
|Subject: Jennifer Hudson music |
|Notes: |
|One Jennifer Hudson songs that I like is no one going to love you |
|This song was recorded by singer and actress Jennifer Hudson |
|It was written by Richard Harrison who also produced by Richard Harrison |
| |
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| |
|http://www.biography.com/people/jennifer-hudson-507747 |
|Jennifer Hudson biography |

|Source 2 |
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|Source 3