The Story Of Marly Marl's Label (Cold Chillin '

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MC Shan

-One and a half hit wonder
-2 songs
1. Beat Biter
2. The Bridge
-From Queens Bridge, NY
-was like LL Cool J, same dressing, same chain
-product of Marly Marl’s label (cold chillin)
-it was marly marls project, hes producing on his label still working with DJ Magic
-Tommy Boy Records
-Sleeping Bag
-Break in 1983, Run DMC first year, he met marly marl, they didn’t know they were cousins
-marly marl took shan off the street, brought him from being a small thug into the studio, now down with the cre (the Juice Crew AllStars)
-Shan credited with CoWriting Roxanne’s Revenge
-Marly Marl scratching on these records -he was suspicious that his beats were being stolen at this time

-MC shan worried about the wrong guy -problem: record appears to be making a statement -Saying that rap is from queens -people of south Bronx feel a sense of entitlement -Marly Marl got the record everywhere -record was so big a new star would be born based on this record -THE BRIDGE

- You love to hear the story how it all got started again and again ( if you wasn’t from this town you couldn’t fight to win”

-Battling is now a thing, area battling
-vocals aren’t buried underneath the beats (they can hear everything) (credited for)
-1987: album #1, produced by Marly Marl, all of Shan’s albums were failures -struggling stage, had to produce very fast
-1988: Born to Be Wild -failure
-Next: Play it again Shan -new producer, still failed
-Collabed with NAS: 2000
-he went back into music as a producer
-he retired because he became obsolete hip hop moved too fast
-Boogie down productions born (KRS ONE)(made him political)

-one of the most successful Toronto, Canadian, hip hop artist
-a lot of radio airplay
-Darron O’Brian
-1 or 2 records
-he entered prison as a troubled young thug
-left as an international recording star
-Reps Allenberry area
-housing projects in north york
-got into a lot of trouble
-He said he was the victim of a phony attempted murder charge
-In Jamaica “Informer” is a snitch
-they didn’t know what they were playing, foreign accent, patwah and English
-he sounded good
-no confidence, just a kid getting in trouble
-he Met SHAN
-shan heard him once, “white boy from Canada’s freestyle skills”
-12 inches of snow: Debut album
-trip to NY, bail from an assault charge, that’s where he met SHAN
-charges eventually thrown out
-he didn’t murder anyone
-a lot of charges
-I thought it was a joke
-they then shot a video
-canada, everyone is giving hate
-he returned to Toronto after shooting the video for informer
-assault charge, pleaded guilty, got a year
-Shan is working on mixing hip hop and reggae versions of informer -played a lot in America and Canada
-patwah over hip hop beat?
-also referred to Daddy Snow
-“I got out after 8 months, I got into a limo and I was gone to paris, rome, Germany”
-white guy doing reggae
-1993: 7 weeks on billboard charts
-He entered the Guinness book of records “biggest selling reggae single, highest charting reggae single in the history of reggae music”
-8 m records worldwide

Boogie Down Productions
­-most important group in the history of hip hop (prof doesn’t agree)
-KRS –One (Kris Parker) (1965)
-from the Bronx
-lead rapper
-mom encouraged all her children to stay and excel in school
1981 @ 16 -he dropped out
-started surviving on the street
-hustling odd jobs, sleeping on the parks and trains
-learned survival and leadership skills
-did a lot of readings
-interested in the hip hop culture
-began as a graffiti artist (originally KRS #1)( <- the graffiti version)
-Knowledge. Reigns. Supreme. Over. Nearly. Everyone.
-hard-core styles but still political
-listening to the radio dreaming of becoming and MC
-problem, he turns 19 and goes to jail for selling weed
-1985 comes out of Jail: meets a social worker, scott sterling -he was a gang member -worked at a club called “broadway international” -krs preserved friendship -1986 went back to shelter -he hears the