A Buddhist's euthanasia Essay

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I wasn’t originally going to complete this assignment because it frustrated me to think about a connection that a letter of gratitude could have to what we have learned already. I thought and I thought and I realized who I was going to write the letter to. I chose to write my letter of gratitude to my grandma.
My grandma has taught me so much and helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. Whenever I needed her she was there. She taught me to care for my family no matter what they did or how far of a distance was between us. I thanked her for accepting me, loving me, and teaching me how to deal with adversity.
My grandma was always the rock of our family; she never let us fall apart. When my mom broke her ankles I had no clue what to do for her; my grandma came to the rescue and help me care for my mom. She had every holiday at her house and would make sure that it was special for us as children. I never had to go without a birthday party as a child because my grandma would take care of everything if my mom thought she couldn’t. My grandma was kind and taught me to love God. She made sure that I went to Catholic school growing up, she even payed for the tuition.
Growing up it just seemed like she just gave me money but looking back on it she was making sure I did not go without. She was ensuring that I would grow up with values and look back on my childhood as a good childhood. When I had my own kids I mimicked what my grandma had done with me. Holidays are special to me and very close to my heart because of her. I enjoy spending time with my family because it was always something she encouraged.
From the tense I’m writing this in you can probably tell that my grandma has since passed but because of what she taught us…