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In Confirmation, Catholics confirm their intent to become adults in the faith. Giving candidates a chance to take on greater responsibility within the church and public can guide them towards this maturity. Confirmation also helps candidates connect the values of Catholic teaching with their own call to serve. This sacrament also imparts to us the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit as in a personal Pentecost; wisdom, understanding, right judgement, courage, knowledge, reverence, wonder and awe. The connection between Confirmation and Pentecost is so strong, that the Roman Catechism wanted that the sacrament be administered mainly at Pentecost, explaining that on that day especially were the Apostles strengthened and confirmed by the power of the Holy Spirit... Those who receive confirmation usually are adolescents old enough to freely undertake the responsibility of full Christian living and be active followers of the church. In an actual ceremony, the candidates will stand for the renewal of baptismal promises and respond in a loud voice ‘I DO’. They also come forward to the altar which emphasizes the connection between Confirmation and the other two sacraments of initiation, Baptism and the Eucharist; it also allows the Church to fulfil its promise at Baptism to bring the candidates back again to the altar for the Eucharist and Confirmation. Along with all this is a new covenant which is based on obedience from the heart as well as fulfilling the law of god in its spiritual intent. In confirmation we promise eternal life as a member of the God family and help in achieving it through the Holy Spirit. Something that symbolizes the anointing of the holy spirit is the holy chrism, it must be blessed by a bishop or at least a priest.

In confirmation it is a rite of passage to confirm, strengthen, create and secure the person in their Christian journey. As it is secondary to baptism, it is a way for those who have been baptised to confirm for themselves what was done for them at their baptism, if that took place when they were a baby. If they were baptised as an adult it is perhaps more of a prayer of the choice that person has made to start a journey of faith. It means the strengthening or developing of one's Christian belief and the admittance as a full member of the Church. In Buddhist countries, Thailand for example, boys aged between 8 and 20 at times enter a monastery as a novice for a year or two. This is perceived as creating merit for the boys and their parents, while giving them a taste of monastic life to see if they like it, most do not go on to take full ordination. In many countries this period as a novice is also very important to the boys’ education.

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