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Why Am I Here?
All throughout high school I never even thought about going to university, only six months ago I was planning to go into the trades to try and become an electrician. Then one day I just changed my mind completely, I guess I just realized the trades were not a good fit for me. There were a few factors that helped me decide to apply to the University of Regina and join the Paul J. Hill School of Business, you can make very good money in business, I have always loved wearing suits and most of my close friends were attending the university as well. The main reason I feel like a career in business is a good choice for me is the money. I do not mean I want money so I can buy whatever I want and live a rich lifestyle, I want money so my family can live a comfortable life. For example, I want my kids to be able to play any sport, have any hobby or join whatever clubs they want and not have money be the issue. I would want them to have the best education they could have and follow any career path they want. Another reason money would be good to have is that my wife would not have to work if she did not want to. I suppose I just want my family to have a secure and comfortable life. My love for suits also influenced me to enroll in business school. When I am done school I would really like to be able to wear suits all the time, I always try to look sharp even when in a casual setting. I know it may not be the best reason to base a life decision off of but I believe it will help me enjoy a career in business more than wearing a Safeway uniform to work every day. One of the reasons have a weakness for suits is the T.V series ‘‘Suits’’, it is basically about a guy who becomes a high end lawyer and wears suits all the time. Not that I want to be a lawyer at all, it is just his lifestyle in the show that makes me want to follow a path into business. The last reason I chose to attend university is most of my friends are already enrolled here and mainly because